Timm Etters Studios, Inc.

Timm Etters Studios, Inc.
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The Artist in Residence Program is a fully interactive presentation in an assembly-style format. It includes a presentation, DVD Portfolio, and teaching the kids how to use an airbrush. 

Sometimes, just the speaking presentation is all that is desired.

For that, there is special pricing and arrangements to be made.

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There are so many encouraging and inspirational facets in regard to Timm's career as an artist. Countless people have ended conversations they've had with Timm, stating, “You need to write a book!”

Touching on the challenges of being a colorblind painter, his multiple life-threatening health battles, the ups and downs of owning and operating a company and all that it entails, and so much more. 

Timm's is a story of perseverance, belief, successes, and failures. He lays his life story out to inspire, uplift, and encourage, but more importantly; to challenge. Timm wants to challenge others to find ways to apply what they’ve learned to build on their own personal growth and development.


These are both customized programs and will be priced according to time requirements and travel/lodging expenses if needed.

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Neil Lesinski - Principal at Cary Grove High School

I cannot speak highly enough of Timm and the way he connects with students. 

We have been fortunate enough to have him present to students at our annual Cary-Grove Career Day for more than 11 years now. The way he tells his personal and professional story through images and art is incredibly engaging and illustrates how students can take their passion and turn it into their profession.

Every year, students come to me immediately after attending Timm's session to share their excitement.

He is unique, energetic, and truly cares about kids loving what they do for a living.