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Timm Etters Studios, Inc.
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Badger Airbrush and TES, INC.


My professional relationship with Badger Airbrush started back in 1996 and has been nothing short of amazing. I have had an opportunity to travel to California, Las Vegas, Germany, and England. I have had the pleasure of meeting an incredible group of dedicated people that form the Badger Team and I've formed a great friendship with Ken and his family of which I am eternally grateful.


Badger Anthem 155


The Badger Anthem 155 is the airbrush that I use. From the tight details on my  smaller paintings to the everyday use I put them through on the murals, the Anthem  is a tool I would recommend to everyone interested in a high quality, versatile airbrush. I paint anywhere from 6 to 12 hours a day and a well cared-for airbrush can last me throughout multiple murals without any problems.

Professional and beginner alike will notice the weight and balance of this brush to be not only comfortable and easy to maintain, but that it will also allow him or her to paint without worrying about the equipment. I've noticed that when I can get into a groove painting, the last thing I need to be dealing with is problems with my tools.

Badger products greatly reduce that worry for me. 

Final thoughts...


When I first started using an airbrush, it was not a Badger product.

In fact, when Ken first called me, I was pretty set on not using Badger Airbrushes... but when he told me they redesigned and re-engineered their tools and how much he'd love it if I'd give them a try, how could I say no?

I'm so thankful I did, on SO many levels.

All this to say:

We can become comfortable and stubborn in our ways, our preferences, and our habits. This was a huge lesson for me in that regard. The Badger line of airbrushes has become my tool of choice for absolutely everything I paint.

The relationships I've built, the places I've travelled, the opportunities afforded to me, and the quality tools I'm using would never have been possible had I closed my mind to the kindness of a stranger. Keep that in mind the next time an opportunity crosses your path.


SATA minijet 4400 B HVLP

SATA Spray guns have become my preferred tool for background work and large detail work on the murals. What Badger is to the details on my paintings, SATA is to the foundations and backgrounds of the paintings. 

My relationship with SATA has been short in comparison to Badger's, but I look forward to using their products for years to come. The minijet 4400 B HVLP is a phenomenal tool. Very accurate, incredibly durable, and super easy to clean and maintain.

I'm spraying latex paint through this gun and the atomization is unparalleled compared to other guns I've used.

I'm thankful to Ken at Badger for connecting me with yet another great tool for my arsenal.The murals continue to improve with each and every improvement and innovation made on the tools being used. I am beyond blessed to be involved with such finely crafted tools. 

Thank you, Badger. Thank you, SATA.

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