Murals in Demand...

For more than three decades, Timm Etters has been in high demand gracing the walls of schools, churches, businesses, and homes with his murals.

With over three-hundred and ten commissioned murals to his name since 1985, Timm created the market for hand painted murals in schools in the Chicagoland area. He has a reputation of being one of the finest in the industry having been recognized internationally for his creative achievements.

"Well worth the wait!"

Timm is currently in the highest demand of his career, but is still available to work with you to create your facility's original mural. There will be a wait for the completed work, but as one principal boldly told the press...

"He's well worth the wait!"


Book Timm for your mural, today...

Please fill out the form or schedule a meeting on the CONTACT US page to inquire specifically about your ideas for your facility. The current mural schedule is filling up rapidly and there is a limit of murals accepted per year.

If you are currently raising funds to have a mural painted, now is the perfect time to get your school or business on the calendar as time-slots are limited.

Corporate clients