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What we Do

Interactive Assemblies

Also known as the Fresh A.I.R. Program, this event is a definite favorite amongst both kids and adults! Enjoy a personal look inside Timm's life and career as an artist while he shares with and teaches every student in an all-inclusive assembly-style format. This is fast becoming a popular event at TES, INC.

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Hand-Painted Murals

With over three-hundred and ten commissioned, custom painted murals, Timm Etters is an internationally recognized and leading mural painter in the field. Having started his company at the age of sixteen, he has over thirty years experience to bring your ideas to life.

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Hip Hop History

Jyroglyphics documents The Midwest's pioneering days of Hip Hop featuring Timm's (Jyro's) artwork on T-shirts, Hoodies, Posters, Stickers, and more. Learn about Timm's involvement in the early days of the Hip Hop culture as it spread from the boroughs of New York City.

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Studio Services


When Timm started his company in 1985, logos were drawn in ink and text was laid out by hand. Timm has seen technology simplify the process from something that took days to one that can be completed in hours (or less!). Looking for a new school mascot or logo for your business or church?


Timm has been involved in the screen-printing industry since 1982. His work has been feaured on the cover of PRINTWEAR Magazine and was involved in developing new printing processes. He has always required the highest printing standards for his clients and his online store products.


Restoring old family photos started out as a hobby and has now turned into a way to help others cherish their old photos that have been damaged, scratched, torn, etc... New prints can be created on a number of museum quality photo papers and can bring new memories for generations to come.


Timm sold his first portrait when he was in the seventh grade. Since then, he has done hundreds of portraits in many different mediums. If you are interested in having a portrait done, please contact us directly for details & pricing. 


Sometimes a wall doesn't need a mural as much as it needs "a look". Faux Finishes are a great way to add color, texture, and even phrases to a space. Faux finishes can include a variety of textures: glazes, wood grains, and stone.


Many people have a favorite mural, painting, or photograph of Timm's. Not all of them end up in the online store, but here, you have the opportunity to get a custom printed Giclée Print on high quality, museum quality paper.

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