Fresh A.I.R.

An Unexpected Treasure

The Artist In Residence Program or Fresh A.I.R. Program, officially started in 2004 when Timm was invited to visit Dave Smith's classroom at McCarty Elementary School in Indian Prairie School District 204. Prior to that, Timm hadn't done an official program teaching kids about art and his life experiences since 1989 at Prairie Grove Elementary School.  This changed EVERYTHING!

Since that time, tens of thousands of kids have heard Timm's story, seen his murals, and learned to use the airbrush, the primary tool he uses to paint his murals.

Constantly Evolving

Over the years, Timm developed the framework of the program that evolves with each school he visits. He is honored to be able to teach students about his career as an artist, demonstrate the airbrush, (a tool they usually don't get a chance to use during their years in school), and encourage them to find their talent, strength, and path in life regardless of whether or not they wish to become artists.

The kids love this program!

This exciting event best serves the school as a 5-DAY Program, although 3-DAY, 2-DAY, and 1-DAY Programs are available to meet your time and budgetary requirements. Please feel free to contact Timm using the button below for more information on pricing and scheduling.

I am currently targeting openings for 2017-18 and 2018-19 school years.